Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 1 and 2 in Costa Rica!!

Today was a traveling day! We departed from the beautiful country of Panama and set 
forth towards Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica.  Our flight was at 8 am so we left our hotel at about 5:45 am.  We had a very smooth flight.  Once we arrived in Costa Rica we met our new bus driver, Marvin! We were then brought to a bridge crawling with crocodiles and a fruit market. We ate lunch on the bus which consisted of delicious sandwiches and snacks.  After a three hour ride we finally made it to Hotel Karahe. We were greeted with some iguanas and a beautiful pool and beach front.  We quickly changed into comfortable clothing and headed to Manuel Antonio National Park. There we saw many different types of plants and had an amazing encounter with howler monkeys, whitefaced monkeys and squirrel monkeys!! They were definitely not shy and we all snapped some amazing pictures.  After our wildlife adventure we sipped on some coconut water as we walked the shore. Such a peaceful first day!

Day 2
Today we woke up with a late start after spending out first official night in Costa Rica! The hotel provided us with breakfast and an ocean view which is breathtaking. It was our first free day and most of us chose to spend their day ziplining at the Midword park. We started our bus ride over to the park at 10 am. It was nice to get to sleep in a little latter than usual. Before our bus ride some of us got to relax by the pool and the amazing beach. We could certainly get used to this lifestyle! The bus drive to the park took us through the local town. Along the way we got to see a palm tree planation which consisited of acres of palm trees lined up. We also lesaned about the history and background of the plantations in Costa Rica.

When we got to the park we hopped off the bus and crossed the drawbridge where our truck was waiting to take us to our first zipline platform. There was a total of 10 different platforms. Some students were nervous to take their first zipline. After the first zipline the others seemed like a piece of cake. We rode on the longest zipline im Costa Rica! After conquering all of the ziplines they served us a fresh prepared lunch. It was delicious! 

Arriving back at the hotel after our adventurous day in the canopies of Costa Rica we had our midterm review on the beach covering what we learned from our visit in Panama.

Stephanie Faria and Rachael Severino

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